Rawan Al-Saati

Rawan Al-Saati


"I was born in Aug 4,1997 in Manama, Bahrain. I’m a (B.S) student of Art and Graphic Design at UOB, participated in many events and workshops done by the Ministry of Education:

  • International Women’s Day.
  • National Day.
  • World Clean Day.

During college studies participated in many art workshops, for example:

  • Atelier De Sevres Paris art workshop.
  • Hawa Aljasra with artist Hassan Alsari.
  • Mosaic workshop at Art Reach Bahrain.
  • ink and water workshop with artist Khalifa Shuiter.
  • Photography workshop by Photography Academy Of Bahrain, got the American Canadian Board certificate with photographer Faisal Ekhlasi.
  • Graphite on paper workshop in Takwen center with Hassan Fadhel.
  • Art Course workshop at (Things to Do) studio along side Irish artist Alison O’gery.

I learned oil painting (later mastered) under my mentor and teacher Mr. A.Rahim Sharif, still my teacher and inspiration in art.

I consider myself perfect in charcoal, chalk, and pencil drawing and oil painting, but I have complete success in almost all artistic materials.

In addition I am graphic designer, and design advertisements, logos, and illustration.

Also I am photographer, I love to take photos a lot, also I love to make and edit videos.

I curate many exhibitions in university, two of Chinese artists exhibitions, Artbab exhibition for University of Bahrain art students, art exhibition for graduate students of art and design, Layers exhibition, and more.

I love what is belong to art in any way, like graphics, painting, photography, curation; I am an artist so I think my job to give all these majors some art, I'm interested and I love to learn everything new in art."