Aga Krzyżanowska

Aga Krzyżanowska
Musician and sound engineer graduated from the Warsaw Chopin University of Music specializing in phonography, especially in recording early music.


During her career she has also worked in television and cinema, creating music for short and feature films.

She is also an active musician and folk singer, fascinated with the diverse story of humanity hidden in traditional music from all over the world. She is a part of many musical projects, ranging from Polish folk to world music and from punk to pop. She also performs with a Warsaw city folk music act, which explores this very particular and rich culture with its own vernacular.

She is presently based in Doha, Qatar, on the crossroads of many cultures, trying to explore this unique environment as much as possible.

Aga´s work is strongly based in the theory that everything is a wave and thus, every sound is music.